Made For Greater Things

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am a warrior. I was born three years ago when Christ came and enlisted me. I joined the ranks of His elect on an early morning in April, and my former self was put to death and raised anew in the likeness of my Savior Jesus. I was once a lost soul, living my life without a purpose and chasing after rubbish that will soon fade. Now I have a calling. Ive traded in my comforts of this materialistic world in exchange for a haunting anguish.

This thorn in my flesh is what drives me. Its what now consumes my thoughts, and it gives me a boldness that wouldnt be possible otherwise. This burden is for those not traveling the narrow road. There are those who do not know Him. And eternity could come at any time. I was made for this very purpose. God predestined me to serve him. I was called, justified, and will one day be glorified so that Christ may be known throughout all nations.

“And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.” Romans 8:30.

Although I take great pride in being a father and husband, those are not the main titles I wish to be associated with. When I one day draw my final breath on this earth, I dont want people to talk about my  love for my family. I dont want to be remembered for any good deeds I may have done to help my neighbors. I want to be remembered as a missionary for Christ. I dont want it to be said of me that my passion was my family. I want my family to say that they took second place in my life to my passion, devotion and love for Jesus Christ.

My time spent living in Central America radically changed me. It changed me in ways that can only be fully comprehended by others who have gone before me, transplanting their lives to be full time missionaries.  Its funny, I was born in Alabama. I lived most of my life in Georgia. But a piece of heart was left behind in Panama. Since returning to the states and meeting new friends, I am asked the question quiet often, “Where are you from?” And I find myself answering more times than not….Panama. It became home to me. And Panama was where God really began to give me a new mindset and an eternal perspective. My heart was reborn in Panama. It is there that i was given a glimpse of what Heaven must be like.

One of the first times I went to the Camarca (Indian Village) to minister to the Guaymi Indians, I saw Heaven. A friend and fellow missionary I met in Boquete named Harry went with me to the village. We had to take his car to a remote village to pick up some Guaymi children and transport them to the mission which was at another Camarca where we had worship and food for them. Harry had a small SUV. When we arrived at the first village, to my surprise, we had at least fifteen children waiting to go to worship.

I got our of the front seat and let one of the young women sit in the front and I piled in the very back with the rest of the kids. We were literally piled on top on one another. We had that car packed way over capacity that day.  We had a good twenty minute drive to the mission house. All the kids only spoke Nobe, (the Guaymi language), so we really couldnt communicate. So I reached in my pocket and pulled out my I Phone. I downloaded some quick cartoons to show the kids, and they were in awe.

I dont even think that description does justice to their amazement. You would have thought I had just done a miracle in front of them. When we got to the mission, we had a worship service for the Guaymi who attended.  Afterwards, we had a meal for them. And they indulged in this food as if they had not eaten in days. There was candy for the kids, and their reaction to it was as if I had given them million dollars. Even something as simple as a pen was such amusement for them. And it dawned on me that the little things I took for granted, they had never seen before.

They had never had food in abundance. They couldnt just go to the fridge at night and grab a late night snack. For starters, many didnt have electricity. They couldnt go out and buy nice clothes or I phones. One of the most well off Guaymi men i met was working as a grounds keeper for twenty dollars a week. And they were satisfied with what they had. Even joyful over it. Because they had never known any different.

CS Lewis once said that humanity is akin to little children playing with mud pies, living in the slums. We are satisfied and even joyful over the mud pies because we have no idea what the finer things in life are like. Basically we are satisfied with filth because we cannot comprehend that there is anything greater out there.

He was making a reference to Heaven. I heard one pastor say once that if God pull back the curtain and gave us just a quick glance at all the wonders awaiting us in Heaven, that all the things on this earth we hold so dear would instantly become as trash in our eyes.

Pastor Paul Washer said to the young people in one of his sermons, “Crush those stupid video games under your feet and throw the television set out the window! For you were made for more than this!”

Have you ever stopped to consider that we were made for more than what we settle for? Have you ever considered that we may be missing out on living such an adventure here on this earth because we are so chained to material things? I noticed that once I began living for Christ, life stopped becoming mundane. It became an adventure. It became a war. It took on a new meaning and an eternal perspective. In Christ, there are no lazy days. We dont have time for boredom. Because the mission is never accomplished. There are ALWAYS people around us who have yet to set their eyes on Christ. We are called to such a great mission.

In war, the military is called to rescue people from the enemy. They are called to save lives. Even when the civilians cannot see the full picture, the military can see the costs. They feel the weight of each life, and they leave none of their own behind. Christ calls us to the same mindset, only the war is on a much broader scale than any battle ever to be fought on this earth. A child that was born into royalty couldnt stomach endulging in living a life in the ghetto. Because they were children of the king. They had a pedigree and were raised for the finer things in life. As followers of Christ, we were made for greater things than this present earth could ever give us.  We must take on an eternal mindset. This is not our home, and in his Kingdom, our father has many mansions. We must realize that God made us for the wonders of Heaven. What is it that you are living for today? Whatever it is, make sure that its something worth dying for!

“If you’re a child of the King, nothing on this earth will ever satisfy you….Nothing.” -Paul Washer


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